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Topic: Global Health Assignment


Assignment Instructions
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify a global health issue and to research and discuss the impact of this issue on the society, the economy, and the culture of a designated country. The assignment will include proposed treatment and prevention options as well as the need for policy changes that may be required to improve health outcomes.

Course objectives met by this assignment:

1. Evaluate the impact of economics, politics, environment, policies, and population trends; on the health of global populations.

2. Describe the connection between health policies, determinants of health, and health.

Directions for Global Health Presentation:

Develop a narrated PowerPoint presentation that includes 10 slides (not counting the title and reference slides). The presentation should be creative and should include pictures and other appropriate graphics. Please include all of the following information:

1. Identify and Research a global health problem.

2. Define the geographical area that is impacted by this health problem. The geographical area must be outside of the United States, and it should be a specific country or a specific region of a country. (Example: Select a specific country in Africa. Do not select Sub-Saharan Africa, because that is too large of an area and it is made up of many different countries.)

3. Review the historical perspective of the disease/health problem.

4. Review the epidemiology of the disease. Include the epidemiologic triangle if appropriate, or the web of causation, and use rates as a basis for comparison.

5. Review the impact of the disease/health issue on the society and the economy of the country.

6. Research solutions/interventions to your health problem or disease. Include all of the following areas in your presentation:

a. What are the recommendations for prevention of this health issue?

b. What are the treatment options for the identified population?

c. What are the cultural issues that should be considered when planning for your recommended population-focused treatment program and/or prevention program?

d. What is the involvement of the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as other international health agencies?

7. What health policies need to be revised or new policies created, in order to insure the success of your treatment programs and/or your prevention programs?

Use the following template for your slide presentation.

Title Slide (Include the name of the health issue/disease, the designated country, and your name)

Slide 1: (Identify the geographical area/country). Include a map that shows the country or the region of the country.

Slide 2: (Discuss the identified global health issue and explain why this is an important concern for this country.)

Slide 3: (Discuss the history of this health issue or disease.)

Slide 4: (Discuss the epidemiology of the health issue or disease. Include an epidemiological triangle and any appropriate rates.)

Slide 5: (Discuss the impact of the disease/health issue on the society and the economy of the country.)

Slides 6, 7, 8, and 9: (Present ways this disease/health issue could be prevented. Discuss treatment options, cultural issues that must be considered, and international agencies that are currently helping with this health issue).

Slide 10: (Discuss the health policies that need to be written or need to be changed, to ensure that the prevention programs and the treatment programs will be successful.)


Correct APA should be used for citations on individual slides and for the reference slide(s).

Note: If you are unable to create a narrated PowerPoint, you can create a traditional PowerPoint presentation with the narration included as notes.


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