Topic Global Health Policy

Global Health Policy

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1) Essay can be between 2000-2500 words but should NOT exceed 2500 words. Marks will be deducted if word count goes 10% over the maximum limit. The instructor reserves the right not to read beyond the designated word limit.
2) Please use spell check and make sure your essay is free of grammatical and syntax errors.
3) Use Harvard style bibliographical citations.
4) Use headings.
5) Cite a minimum of 15-20 scholarly sources in referenced/bibliography (More is fine. There is no limit on maximum number of sources)
7) Late assignments will not be accepted.
8) Please include PAGE NUMBERS.

(1a) In their essay on biological citizenship, Rose and Novas (2005) argue that global events and forces have called into question older 18th, 19th and 20th century notions of citizenship as located within a single nationally bound economy within a cultural or religious unity.
Do you agree or disagree with their observation that citizenship has become biologized in the 21st century? What has changed in 21st century notions of biological citizenship as compared to earlier 18th-20th century European political debates about race, blood, nation and population ‘fitness’? Give reasons to support your answer.
(b) With examples, demonstrate how transnational actors such as pharmaceutical companies, global development institutions, interest groups, philanthropic organizations, research institutions etc. are creating an impact on national health goals.
(c) Has the role of the nation-state declined in determining and addressing national health goals? Justify your response with evidence.

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