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Topic: Global Impact of Christian Sport Ministries


Global Impact of Christian Sport Ministries
The student will write a 3–5 page research-based paper in current APA format that focuses on the topic provided within Blackboard. All written assignments are required to include a title page and reference page at the end of the paper.
Research, summarize, and report on the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) global IMPACT effort and describe how it fits in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ international strategic plan.
For this assignment, you first want to describe and summarize what FCA is and how the history of the organization.
Then, you will want to explain the different efforts FCA provides not only to the US, but on a global scale.
Analyze and describe what their international strategic plan consists of.
Last, make sure you provide specific examples of how FCA has made a positive impact in sport ministry. List athletes who also have been involved with the organization.
Cite at least 2 scholarly sources in support of your assertions.


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