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Topic: Globalization and Protectionism questions and answers


Have to answer this all questions with the sources. And the

(a) Define (economic) globalization.
(b) What are the economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits of globalization for the US?
(c) What are the costs of globalization for the US?
(d) What are some of the international trade treaties that US has recently been involved in (include
those which were are signed-in as well as those which were opted-out of)?
(e) What is protectionism? What are the common types of protectionist policies employed by the
(f) What are the (economic, social, cultural and environmental) costs and benefits of protectionism
for the US?
(g) Should the United States support globalization or not? Provide reasoning for your answer.

Be sure to cite all the sources in your report and use a proper bibliography. Citations and bibliography
are not included in the word count.


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