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Topic: Health economics in a health Policy context


select either Theory X or Theory Y as the Theory that most supports your belief or a mix of both! Please give us some examples of support for your theory for the issue you have selected.

BOX 9-2 Discussion Questions

Consider each of the following issues and discuss whether you support Theory X, Theory Y, neither theory, or some combination of them.

Issue Theory X Theory Y
Your view about how an individual’s health is determined Whether a person is healthy or sick is determined randomly. Whether a person is healthy or sick depends on lifestyle choices such as whether a person smokes, drinks, or wears a seatbelt.
Your view of medical practice Medicine is a science, and experts will ultimately discover the best means for treating every illness. Medicine is an art and there will never be one best way to treat every illness because illnesses are often patient-specific and because there will always be a demand for lower-cost and less painful treatments.
Your view of medical care Medical care is a unique commodity. Medical care is similar to any other good or service.
Your view of the government’s role in health care Government regulations are necessary to protect this unique commodity, to control profiteering at the cost of patient care, to control resources spent on health care, and to improve information sharing


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