Topic: Health Need Assessment Report of A Given Population

An Outline of Health Need Assessment for Adults BME Communities Living With CVD in London Borough of Brent

Problem: Physical Inactivity & Diet:
 Linking Obesity and Mental Health. Comparative analysis between different London Boroughs.
 Compare Data from Public Health England Fingertips Toolkit.
 Adoption of the current JASNA to develop a targeted intervention.
 Local Authority Health Improvement Strategy/Programmes
 What observations can help improve the government strategies?
London Borough of Brent:
 Unique Feature, Most Ethnically Diverse Borough in London
 CCG- Priorities: Physical & Challenges
 17% Increase in population.
BME Adults Living With CVD
Current Level of Service Provision:
 Target Health Needs
 Services Currently Provided
 Level of utilisation
 Evidence
Future Priorities [Making it Happen]
 Targeted Interventions that are sensitive to the ethnic diversity
 Geographical Equity.
 Improved access and services.
 Reducing inequalities
 The Impact projected
 Impact of targeted interventions to a diverse population.
 Improved access or uptake for culturally sensitive services .

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