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Topic: Health promotion Reflection


– Please find attached the reflection of Health Promotion unit , which need to paraphrase (rewrite) 500/(+10 words).
– I’ve attached the reflection instruction and the question, just in case you need to read it before rewrite the reflection.
Reflection (10%) – 500 words (+/- 10%)

Referencing the IUHPE Core Competencies and Professional Standards for Health Promotion, write a reflection piece on the following question:

What skills and knowledge do you need as a health promotion practitioner to support communities in your country to contribute to the sustainable development agenda?

This can be written in first person i.e. from your perspective. Citations are not required because you will be discussing your own experiences, values, opinions etc. It is important that you demonstrate evidence of honesty, self-awareness, creative thinking, critical thinking, and a willingness to revise ideas.

Please submit the documentvia Turntinthe submission points provided.


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