Topic: Health System & Change – Individual Reflection


Compose an individual one-page written reflection (500 words) on your experience of the changes in this subject which have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Primarily, the cancellation of on-site teaching and the move to online delivery. You are asked to use Gibbs’ (1988) model to structure your reflection (see details below), and to link your reflection to what you have learnt about change management and leadership in this subject, and where relevant, to your current (or future) roles as health services managers.
The individual reflection should be guided by Gibbs’ (1988) model of reflection.

This model structures a written reflection based on the following headings:
1. Description – what happened?
2. Feelings – how did you feel about it?
3. Evaluation – what was positive and/or negative about the experience?
4. Analysis – what sense can you make of the situation?
5. Conclusion – what else could you have done?
6. Action Plan – if it happened again, what would you do?

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Paper format-APA
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