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Topic: Healthcare Administration



Question One: 75 words

You have been asked, as a consultant, by the chief compliance officer of a multi-facility health system to assist in evaluating the organization’s current enterprise-wide coding compliance plan for facility coding. The system has undergone many changes in recent years including acquisitions of hospitals and implementation of a clinical documentation improvement program. In evaluating and recommending processes for compliance with laws and standards related to coding and revenue cycle, address the following question.
What elements would you recommend to the chief compliance officer to be included in an overall compliance plan and in a more specific coding compliance plan?

Question Two: 75 words
A pregnant patient called to Clinic A’s emergency room with a problem and was apparently told to go to Hospital B, in a different city, by the Clinic A’s Physician’s Assistant who was on call. Hospital B called the Department of Health and reported an EMTALA violation. The Department of Health showed up at Clinic A and had three citations.

What issues would the Department of Health find in this incident? How would you begin to investigate this incident?

Question Three: 75 words

1) In 2-3 paragraphs and in your own words (paraphrased; no quotations), explain your opinion of the following:
-Is the large amount of data collected really necessary?
Why or why not?
-How accurate is the data collected?
In what ways are the data accurate or inaccurate
-How comfortable are you with the confidentiality of data collected?
Why or why not?
2) Provide specific examples of each of the above.
3) Support your opinion with facts (excluding the Text Book).
4) Correctly cite (APA) the sources: author/agency/foundation followed by the date, followed by the article title, followed by the url/link to the source.

Question Four: 75 words

Healthcare employees are exposed to many workplace hazards. Some of these hazards may include:
-Bloodborne Pathogens
-Inappropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
1) Research an article on one (1) of these three hazards
2) Describe briefly (1-2 sentences) the significance of the hazard (why is it a hazard or why is it important to prevent the hazard, what is the potential harm from the hazard, etc.)
3) Briefly describe (3-4 sentences) specific preventions of the hazard (Example: the guidelines, staff training, equipment, etc.)
4) Describe 2 reasons the prevention of these hazards would be of importance to the HCA role and the organization
5) Correctly cite (APA format) your source/sources: author/agency/foundation followed by the date, followed by the title of the article, followed by the url/link to the source.


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