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Topic: Higher Intermediate English: Academic Essay Writing

Coursework 2 assesses module learning outcomes 1 and 2. It is worth 60% of the total module mark. It is comprised of three parts:

Part 1: Bring the outline of your essay including a reference list to the tutorial in Week 10 for peer review and submit it to your tutor for feedback
Part 2: Bring the draft of your essay to class in Week 12 for peer review and feedback.
Part 3: Submit the final version of the essay via Turnitin and a hardcopy at the SCOPE counter by the deadline in Week 13.

Choose ONE of the following questions and write an essay of 1,000 words (+/-10%):

1. What are the benefits of Open Skies? Should Hong Kong have an ‘open skies’ policy as an international aviation hub? Discuss.
2. Amid fierce competition, how can airlines maintain profitability and sustainable development? What business strategies should they adopt? Discuss.
3. Nowadays, air travel is common and affordable for most people. Everyone wants to have a safe flight. What are the major threats to aviation safety and what can be done to eliminate these? Discuss.

Format of coursework

• Your coursework must be word-processed using WORD.
• Please use a clear size 12 type font and 1.5-space your writing
• Write your student ID number and name on the first page of your essay (or as a ‘running head’)
• Please create a relevant title which should clearly show which topic you have chosen.
• Include a list of references at the end of your essay
• Please include a word count at the end of the essay. The word count does not include the title of the essay or the list of references.

Sources and referencing

You must refer to at least 4 appropriate sources in your essay, which must be fully referenced in the list of references according to The Coventry University Guide to Referencing in Harvard Style.


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