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Topic: How did the rise and spread of Islam influence Western Europe during the early to high Middle Ages?


In your analysis, consider Islam’s rise to/spread of power as well as the political, economic,
religious, and/or social interactions and influences with Western Europe (certainly their
economies, and even their military and warfare experiences) during the early through high
middle ages.
Be sure to provide detailed and compelling evidence to support your argument – including
primary sources! Also, select a minimum of three or four major factors (or
more) of influence, fully detailed and supported with evidence.

Need at least 2 sources that can easily be accessed through the internet (websites or outside sources that are academic in quality – typically means peer-reviewed.); and at least 1 primary source (A primary source is a written
documentation, artifacts, art, architecture, etc. that is relevant to the time period being talked about.)

Sources need to be cited Chicago Manual Style and uses footnotes

The format I want is basically to tell the reader what he is about to read, tell the reader, then tell the reader what he just got finished reading.


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