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Topic: How does a social media manager help companies avoid harm or lost opportunities

***Please write one paragraph educating the reader about how a social media manager helps companies avoid harm or lost opportunities. This paragraph must be well-developed, free of grammar and mechanics errors, in business writing style, supported with reference to THREE DISTINCT authors and source types, and with at least a few sentences of YOUR OWN unique, valuable claims (personal evaluations) about the sources. For example, answer how important/significant is the source? What do you think about it? Give your own opinions about the sources or the information you stated. ***I have researched some information about the topic already, please choose 3 sources I provided and use the information I found for this paragraph. I have attached it to the additional material section. ***Please strictly follow the instruction I stated above. Please also be careful with the grammar, write only one paragraph and in single-spaced. I know APA guideline requires to write in double-spaced but my professor asked me to write it in single-spaced. If you have any question please contact me right away.


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