Topic: Hueristics in every day life, automatic and controlled processing.


Your first assignment is based on the material in Unit 1: Social Psychology: The Science of the Social Side of Life, which covers Chapters 1 and 2 of your textbook Social Psychology. It will be marked out of 40 and counts for 15 per cent of your final grade.

Choose one of the following options.
Option 2: (Essay)—Using Heuristics in Everyday Life
The second option for Assignment 1 focusses on Chapter 2 in Branscombe and Baron. This assignment will give you an opportunity to compare the solutions to everyday problems that are generated using a) automatic, and b) controlled processing. The first part of the assignment is to generate examples of automatic processing that people use for solving everyday social problems. For example, what kinds of short-cut procedures do people use when they are introduced to a group of people and want to remember everyone’s name?

As well as the preceding example, come up with an example for each of the following scenarios for the first part of the assignment:

You respond to an online ad for a car for sale and want to get the lowest possible price.

When someone is at a noisy party and wants to meet a particular person to whom they are attracted.

When you have to work with someone whom you know has a reputation for being “difficult”

When someone has asked you to lend them $20.

When someone is driving a car and then receives the important text message they were expecting.

When you meet someone socially and can’t remember their name, but need to introduce them to a third person.

Include in the first part of your assignment the identification of any heuristics (se Chapter 2) that could be used in your responses above.

In the second part of the assignment, describe for each scenario how you would solve the problem using controlled processing, and compare and contrast the differences between solutions using automatic and controlled processing. Compare the effectiveness of the two types of thinking for each problem. The first two parts of the assignment are about how you think about the problem.

Finally, discuss the relationship between thinking and behavior for each of these scenarios. Would your behavior change depending on whether you used automatic or controlled processing, and why?

Your assignment will consist of 3 parts, each referring to the list of problems above:

Part 1 – examples of automatic processing and suggestions for relevant heuristics

Part 2 – examples of controlled processing

Part 3 – discussion of the relationship between the above and behaviour

Your essay should be 1,000 minimum–1,500 maximum words.

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