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Pore minimizing…reduces the look of dark spots…brightens skin tone…corrects, covers, and reduces the look of fine lines…”

In the Republic of Georgia (at one time a part of the former Soviet Union), Pakistan, and Equador, a large proportion of people live to be very old. This may be attributed to four shared characteristics of these regions: moderate diet, exercise, continued work, and interaction with family and community. Even in developed nations centenarians are increasing in number and vitality. (Noticing the obituaries in your local newspaper and the ages at which people pass on will support this claim.)

Do you believe aging can be slowed, or even stopped? Why or why not?
Aside from primary and secondary aging factors, do you believe the aging process can be slowed with the use of popular “anti-aging” products such as “moisture replenishing creams”, dietary supplements, etc.? Why or why not?
What advice would you give to a young person (prior to middle-age) that you believe would slow down his/her aging process?

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