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Topic: Human Relationships paper and PowerPoint essay


Final Project
Final Project 20%: A paper and PowerPoint will be made about Relationship Psychology.

Paper 60%: A 4-5 page paper is due on the topic of Human Relationships. Find an article about a topic that is relevant to the book. This article will be pseudoscientific and will NOT be written by a person with a degree in Psychology or Social Work. Compare the article to information in the textbook, along with 3 other references that are scientific and written by someone with a formal degree. You will be able to see whether or not the person’s writing is backed up by research. Some of the article will coincide with the research and some will not. An introduction, body, and conclusion are necessary. You will have a reference section at the end of your paper. This is due on the last day of class.

Power Point 40%: A PowerPoint about the article and your research findings will be made. You will be giving a 5-10 minute presentation explaining your project.

Here is an example:

10 Flirting Tips on How to Snag a Girl or Guy You Like by Holly Ashworth

In the article, the author states 10 things we can do to attract a person of interest. The first tip is “Choose Your Target.” Ashworth (2019) states that we should flirt with random people in order to practice how to flirt with the person you truly like. However, according to our textbook, Erber and Erber (2011) posit, “People flirt for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they do it to communicate or stimulate sexual interest; on other occasions, they do it to pass the time or to find out if they are able to stir the sexual interest in another.” This information does not correspond with the information in the book, because it is lacking research. Ashworth (2019) is simply writing her own tips.

Here’s the website:

Ashworth, H., (2019). “10 Tips on How to Snag a Girl or Guy You Like”. Retrieved on July 10, 2019 from: https://www.liveabout.com/flirting-tips-to-snag-the-guy-or-girl-who-you-like-3196320

This is just an example of what you can do. You would be stating all 10 tips from the article


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