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Topic: Human Service – Helping at risk youth


This assignment is

• Integrate a main point from the research item –no dictionaries, general encyclopedias or Wikipedia—with a personal reflection on its correctness, generality or appropriateness. Hint: Demonstrate your critical thinking skills.
• the third piece of evidence of your learning that shows you are working toward meeting the learning outcomes for completion of the degree;
• a handy repository of useful sources for future course work;
• an acknowledgement that degree completion requires knowledge and skills development across all of your coursework and independently, as necessary;
• a comparator for future self assessment of the development of your university-level knowledge and skills development.

In this assignment, you will select some academically credible sources that contribute to your knowledge of a specialized Human Service topic.

You will submit the research bibliography on the topic of interprofessional education in the Human Services as it relates to your own professional area. You may use the first person “I” and you must cite and use a variety of academically credible sources that have been published in the last three years as identified from online research identified in your Journal.

Note you will be producing a research essay outline in Step 4 and the completed essay in Step 5; the bibliography should be for the essay, although they are marked separately and your bibliography can and should continue to expand even after you submit this assignment.

Criteria for the Research Bibliography:
• Must be from at least 7 different scholarly sources.
• 7 to 10 individual items.
• At least 4 scholarly sources, such as books, book chapters, and academic journal articles.
• Up to 3 items may be “classics” published more than 5 years ago.
• Only one dictionary, encyclopedia, or general source is permitted.
• At least 3 must refer to online journal articles.
• The majority must have been published in the last 3 years.
• Only 2 popular items such as newspaper or magazine articles are permitted.
• At least 1 book.
• Other: government publications, academic experts, professional associations.
• Fewer websites than scholarly sources.
• Citation format, APA.


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