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Topic: Ian Wright recently suggested that media criticism of Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling is ‘tinged with racism’. Using appropriate sociological theory, discuss racism in sport.


This assessment requires the student to complete one of the following two assignment options (500 words max.) based on the sociology theme of the module.
This assignment requires you to show a knowledge and understanding of appropriate sociological theory to explain why media reporting in sport may be ‘tinged with racism’.

Students should briefly outline relevant sociological theories, and then demonstrate their understanding of their chosen theories by applying them to explain the central issue. It is expected that students show familiarity with appropriate academic literature to provide support for their arguments, and use an appropriate referencing style.

A good answer would offer some reflection on the strengths and weaknesses of the theory chosen to explain the issue. To achieve a first class mark, students would be expected to consider more than one theory and offer a comparison of these theories. Students are expected to write clearly, and to follow the guidelines on presentation and referencing style provided in the Sport Undergraduate Handbook.

SPSU913 – Sociology Assignment
Criteria Ratings Pts
Knowledge and understanding of appropriate sociological theory
25.0 pts
Application of theory to explain the chosen sporting issue
25.0 pts
Selection and use of appropriate literature
25.0 pts
Critical analysis
15.0 pts
Presentation, literacy and referencing style
10.0 pts
Total points: 100.0


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