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Topic: Imagination and Innovation in Evidence-based Nursing Care


Level of study-6. Project proposal briefing paper and project management plan.
Design a work-based practice project proposal within their specialist field of nursing which is underpinned by appropriate evidence.
• Review and further explore research and evidence-based issues within nursing generally and within the student’s own field of nursing specifically.
• Understand how the underpinning module knowledge, skills and attitudes apply to their specific fields of nursing and to the essential needs of all service users.
• Contextualise the choice and clearly define the focus of the project proposal generated from and informed by practice.
• Critically discuss the evidence supporting the proposed project and strategies through undertaking a literature review.
Create a sound and coherent argument for an appropriately selected work-based project.
• Construct a project management plan with rationale to achieve the identified aims and objectives of the proposed project.
• Discuss how the plan will enable the proposed project to be guided to a successful conclusion and identify strategies of evaluation to evidence this.
the chosen topic is Fluid management in acute care (hospitals) : Smart application for monitoring fluid balances in acute medical/surgical wards.
I have already started this Project and will attach the paper containing my briefing paper.
the management part of project implementation should be played out using Lewin’s Force-model including the 3 stages of change Unfreeze, Change and Re-freeze.
A new idea is welcomed as long as within the lines of the requirements of the project and in the field of nursing. the sources used must include peer reviewed papers as well as gov regulations local NHS policies/framework and national guidelines.


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