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Topic: Impact of technology in the medical lab tech field


6 Page paper

Briefly describe your career field (Medical Lab Tech).
Explain what drew you to this field.
Examine the impact of past, current, and developing technology in your field, providing specific examples.
Discuss the importance of remaining current technology and other developments in your field.
Explore ways to get and remain current in your field as you move toward a degree and as you are working in the field.

Your paper should do the following:
Be sure to cover all of the topics listed in the list above.
Be sure to support your ideas effectively
organize your paper so that it is clear and the ideas flow naturally.
Be sure to document your paper consistently and thoroughly in the documentation style MLA.

Annotated bibliography must contain 5 sources including at least one of each of the following:
A credible website
An academic source from one of the databases offered though Thomas Edison State University. Library Bar code 23009000631287
A source found through Google Scholar


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