Topic: Individual Reflection & Luxury Experience

This is a self-reflection project on the specialization and requires an investigation into luxury, and
luxury hospitality, as encountered throughout the course to develop a luxury experience through a
specific travel itinerary. Students are required to reflect on personal and professional skills and
competencies; and to identify opportunities for personal and professional growth and development in
the area of luxury.
 To demonstrate awareness of knowledge and deeper understanding of the luxury, and the luxury
hospitality, industry; and to show development beyond the initial pre-conceived thinking and
 To demonstrate an understanding of the luxury customer and consumer behavior within the
luxury hospitality sector.

 To demonstrate knowledge and skills in analyzing a luxury brand, how the luxury credentials can
be combined to complement one another, and how they can be developed into a cohesive luxury
experience for the end consumer.
 To identify areas for further learning, personal and professional growth and development, and
areas for self-improvement.
Learning Outcomes:
 LO1 Apply knowledge of the concept of luxury to help create and maintain the brand’s luxury
credentials in today’s environment.
 LO4 Make recommendations for uniquely delivering the service philosophy of luxury hospitality
 LO5 Design a state-of-the-art, sensorial signature brand experience in the context of luxury
hospitality that brings the brand and brand experience to life.
Transferable Skills:
 TS1 Communication
 TS5 Using technology
 TS6 Learning how to learn

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