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Topic: Individual report on TK MAXX – UK


You can find all the necessary info in the attached word file. Also, I attached some MINTEL report that you need to use in the assignment. Every report has the link from where I took it. Please use other websites like Euromonitor, Statista, Kantar. There are some articles from newspapers that I would like you to use besides those you will find on your own. Please do NOT paraphrase with any online software as it is easily spotted
2500 words individual report on TK MAXX – UK

A 2500 words report analysing the clothing fashion retail sector in the UK and how TK Maxx might respond to the issues facing the sector in general and the retailer

1. Introduction to retail. This is to demonstrate to the reader that you have an understanding of the basic concepts of retail and some basic information about fashion retail. (About 150 words)
– definition of retailing
– statistic on the UK fashion clothing industry (from MINTEL, EUROMONITOR, STATISTA)

2. Introduction to the company. Clearly identify the chosen fashion retailer, the relative size and position within the market. (About 250 words)
– background of the company (very brief history)
– position in the UK fashion industry
– how many stores it has in the UK
– other countries they are located in

3. Key relevant changes within the UK fashion retail. Conduct a PESTLE analysis for the clothing fashion industry in the UK and then write about the impact that each factor has upon TK Maxx. Any PESTLE analysis table should be put in the appendix. (About 600 words)
– for each factor, you need to write only 1 issue in the industry and another 1 for TK Maxx – use citations for every fact!
– you need to write about all the 5 factors: P(olitical) E(conomical) S(ocial) T(echnological) E(nvironmental) L(egal)

4. Relevant changes within the micro environment. Analyse Porter`s 5 Forces, the impact on the UK fashion clothing industry and also the impact on TK Maxx. You can write only about 3 forces out of 5. (About 400 words)
1. power of suppliers
2. power of customers
3. rivalry
Use citations for every fact!

5. Suggest and discuss strategies and tactics that could be used. Using 4 key relevant changes (from PESTLE) that have been identified as the most relevant/biggest influence on the chosen retailer are to be highlighted. Using theories/ideas/concepts/etc, you come up with strategies (long term goals) and tactics (short term goals) for the company. Also do the same, to a lesser extent, for 1 or 2 micro environmental challenges (from Porter`s 5 forces). (About 750 words)
– you need to apply one or two of these theories to the recommended strategies and tactics:
* The Wheel of Retailing (recommended – McNair, 1958)
* Conflict Theory (or Competition theory – Maxx, 1818)
* Environmental theory (or Evolution theory – Darwin, 1979)

6. Recommendations. From the previous work, make recommendations that the retailers could use to meet the challenges. (About 225 words)
– what the company should start doing
– what the company should stop doing
-use the vertical marketing systems for recommendation – what the company can improve

7. Conclusion. A summary of the work to neatly wrap it all up. No sources needed here. (About 125 words)

You can use: www.retail-week.com – it is very good for citations!


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