Topic: Inspiratory muscle fatigue and training: impact on exercise, health, and performance


Discussion (800/850 words)
This section should not just be a restatement of the results but should emphasize interpretation of the data, relating them to existing theory and knowledge. Speculation is appropriate, if it is so identified. Suggestions for the improvement of techniques or experimental design may also be included here.

In writing this section, you should explain the logic that allows you to accept or reject your original hypotheses. You should also be able to suggest future experiments that might clarify areas of doubt in your results. You may also wish to begin the section by stating the main findings of the study; this allows you to lead into the how’s and whys of the explanation.

Why do you think you have found what you found? Whose research informed your opinions on these thoughts. DO NOT JUST COMPARE YOUR DATA TO THAT OF OTHERS WITHOUT A ‘WHY’.

Conclusion (100/150 words)
This is a short brief section, often only one paragraph long. You will need to highlight the main findings of the study and if these are to have implications on the future work of others. If you feel it is appropriate and you are not speculating too much, you may wish to highlight the main reasons which underpin your findings. However, in doing this you need to be very careful not to be over confident and bold in your statements. I.e. don’t give a justification or reason if you have not proved it to be correct.

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