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Topic: Instructions for Self-Care Assessment and Plan


Attached is part one which is “my plan” and excel log I just need information entered for 6 weeks log. and the part two paper. which is 5-7 pages for the paper and 1-2 for the log please and thank you!

Part II

Design: Once the goals and strategies have been planned, the student should log daily/weekly reflections on the experience of practicing the new modalities/activities for the next six weeks. A log has been developed for your use. Modifications in the implementation strategy may occur as necessary.

Destiny: Part II of the Self-Care Plan will conclude with a summary of the experience and an evaluation of perceived outcomes (positive and/or negative). A self-care plan for the future should be identified using these or other health promotion activities or healing modalities.

The self-care plan should include an APA format title page. No abstract is necessary. Appropriate citations and references should support the self-care plan. Artifacts of the experience such as photographs, artwork, poetry and other ways of knowing can be included in the evaluation.

APA title page
Discussion of the behavior change experience
Attach completed log and reflections
Evaluation of outcomes – be specific
Vision for future self-care

Part II should be 5-7 pages in length (not counting log)


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