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Topic: Integrative literature review

➢ Academic presentation: The title and all numbered sub-headings should be in Arial bold, font-size 12. The text should be in Arial, font-size 12 with 1.5 spacing between texts and double-spacing between paragraphs. Margins of text should be justified throughout. Page numbers must be located central-footer. In the main body of the assignment cited studies must be cited in past tense. All tables and Appendices must be titled and numbered appropriately. Research language must be used appropriately throughout. There should be no syntax, grammatical, typographical and punctuation errors.

What topics may be chosen?
The scope and nature of the assignment can vary enormously. Some students will write an assignment that is based on an academic area of interest. Other students may write on some aspect of the experiences gained during their work placement.

Normally a good assignment will define a question, problem, or issue to be investigated, apply appropriate analysis, cite relevant literature and evidence, and reach a reasoned conclusion.

Students are expected to demonstrate some the following:

• Evidence of scholarly research. Examples are using search facilities in the library (CD ROMS, books and journal indices etc.), and showing evidence that sources have been located and sensibly used.

• Evidence of independent thought. This can be provided by comments on the theories and opinions of scholars, commenting on interview and questionnaire data etc.

• Interpretation of evidence. Pure description of an event, situation, opinion etc. without explanation or analysis is not sufficient. Similarly; quotations in a literature review should not be used simply for their own sake. One way of using references is to support a particular viewpoint or argument. Students


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