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Topic: Integrative practices development plan


Development plan critically analyse how self awareness and personal development aids in professional growth with the working environment and how this development contributes to patient care

This is to follow on from the 2000 word piece outlined in my first order
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this assessment and this module, you will have demonstrated your ability to:
1. Critically analyse person centred integrative care and practice;
2. Critically evaluate contemporary approaches towards, and barriers to, integrative working within your own sphere of practice and
3. Reflect on the self-development needed for you to support integrative working practices.
Summative Assessments
Assessment: CW1: A report for work colleagues, supervisor, or manager which includes the following:
• a critical analysis of person centred integrative care and practice and
• an analysis of current integrative working (in your sphere), the barriers towards this and proposals for change and improvement.
CW2: A development plan in which you:
• analyse how the self-awareness and personal development work undertaken during this module will inform your future professional growth and development;
• explain how this development will contribute to the interests of your client group.


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