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Topic: International business


i will write introduction, executive summary, and conclusion by myself because its not included in the word limit

for the paper i will choose citroen
question 1: compare and contract between two countries using ricardo comparative advantage and porter diamond of competitive advantage and othe relevant theory

question 2: choose 1 country and discuss internationalisation stategy in detail

question 3: wholly oned subsidiary has two form which is acquisition and greenfield

please also include table and graph

Students are required to prepare an individual, case-based report. To complete the assessment, students must first choose one (1) only of the following case companies, which will form the basis of your report:
● Burberry, considering expansion into either Oman or Liechtenstein
● Citroen, considering expansion into either the USA or the Philippines
● Lush Cosmetics, considering expansion into either Costa Rica or Tanzania
● Ovolo Hotels, considering expansion into either Japan or New Zealand
Your task: You are a representative from the internationally famous consultancy firm ‘Prestige Worldwide’, who have been contracted by your selected case company. Your client is looking to expand their operations internationally, but are unsure of the best approach for their internationalisation. In particular, they are seeking your recommendations on the following key issues:
1. Given their respective levels of international competitiveness in your client’s industry, which target market would be most advantageous for the firm’s international expansion? Justify your answer using relevant theory, models or concepts.
2. Which internationalisation strategy would be most appropriate for expansion into your chosen target market? Justify your answer using relevant theory, models or concepts.
3. Is establishing a wholly-owned subsidiary through FDI the most appropriate entry mode to your chosen target market? If not, what alternate entry mode is best, and why? Justify your answer using relevant theory, models or concepts.
To assist your client’s internationalisation, you are required to prepare a report that addresses these three issues as part of your recommendations. For a specific delineation of the required elements that will be assessed in each section of the report, students are advised to consult the Individual Report Marking Rubric on Moodle.
Please note:
Books, newspaper reports, company annual reports and IBISworld reports may be used to support arguments and analysis. However, academic journal articles must form the key underpinnings of your analysis.
A minimum of 6 academic journal article sources are required (for a Pass-standard report). For an HD-standard report, you should be aiming to include at least 9 academic journal article sources. The ‘Learning Resources’ section of this Unit Guide and the ABDC Journal Ranking List on the Moodle page provide guidance on the highest quality international business journals.
Students are to follow the APA referencing method. References and appendices are NOT counted in the word limit. Preliminaries (Title Page, Table of Contents and Executive Summary) are NOT counted in the word limit.
Table and diagram should not drive analysis instead should provide summaries of what is contained in the body of report

– Title Page
– Table of Contents
– Executive Summary

– Purpose/Introduction
– Company Background/Info
– Assumptions
– Limitations
– Outline of the report/layout

– Target market
– International strategy
– Entry mode

– Summary and overall recommendation



* The 3 items listed in the ‘Body’ section are simply representative of the 3questions outlined in the Unit Guide for this assessment. Please note that you are still required to identify which are the relevant concepts/models/tools/theories to apply for each of the 3 questions. You may also choose to utilise different sub-headings in this section, as long as you CLEARLY address each of the 3 questions.


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