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Topic: International HRM


For this assignment, you will be writing about the fictitious T-shirt company.
The following facts about the company provide the framework for this assignment.

Your company is based in the United States with no current global footprint.
Having gained approval from the board of directors, your company is preparing to merge with another company that provides a similar product. The purpose of the merger is to expand your company’s reach and create a global presence. When the merger is complete, your company will operate under a new organizational name and open a facility overseas in a country of your choice.
As the vice president for human resources, you report to the chief executive officer (CEO) who has asked you for guidance on making the merger successful.

In a minimum of two pages, discuss the following items that address the human resource (HR) implications for your company as it goes international as well as your role in HR in this growth. These will also help you to prepare for your PowerPoint briefing to the CEO that will be submitted in Unit VII:

Discuss current HRM practices that will need to be modified as the organization goes abroad.
Discuss the three different types of HR structural forms (centralized, decentralized, and transition) and select the one this organization should adopt and explain why.
Explain the control mechanisms to put into place to ensure the organization’s culture is congruent across international borders.
Address factors driving standardization.
Discuss factors driving internationalization growth and the spread of internationalization.
Discuss the IHRM professional’s role and challenges in a typical merger and acquisition.
Discuss international joint venture challenges.
Discuss the term SME as it applies to IHRM.

The paper should be APA-formatted using at least two peer-reviewed articles and the textbook as supporting documentation. You should also have a title page and a reference page, which do not count as part of the two-page minimum requirement.

Textbook: Dowling, P. J., Festing, M., & Engle, A. D., Sr. (2017). International human resource management (7th ed.). Hampshire, United Kingdom, : Cengage Learning.


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