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Topic: International HRM3 – Staffing Plan


For this assignment, you will be writing about a fictitious T-shirt company. The following facts about the company provide the framework for this assignment.

Your company is based in the United States with no current global footprint.
Having gained approval from the board of directors, your company is preparing to merge with another company that provides a similar product. The purpose of the merger is to expand your company’s reach and create a global presence. When the merger is complete, your company will operate under a new organizational name and open a facility overseas in a country of your choice.
As the vice president for human resources, you report to the chief executive officer (CEO) who has asked you for guidance on making the merger successful.

In the presentation, you need to include the following items.

Create a staffing plan for the upcoming merger. Using the four approaches to international staffing and select the one(s) that your organization should use.
Describe to what extent expatriates will be employed in the overseas location.
Describe how training and orientation plans will prepare expatriate employees for success abroad and for their return home.
Include specific strategies for increasing the participation and success of women in expatriate assignments in your staffing plan.


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