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Topic: International Marketing Issues Paper


In this paper, students must write a 500-750 word overview of a company’s current (2017—2019) international marketing issue. The focus can be upon one (or more) of the 4 Ps or one of the broader topics outlined on the syllabus.
You should have at least three sources to support your written overview as a means of triangulation (e.g., one source may say one thing, another may say just the opposite).

Important note: The paper will be graded on both content and writing style.
Therefore, be sure to have a central thesis to your paper, as well as logical paragraphs comprised of coherent sentences. Remember, this is an “issues” paper; thus, a description of a situation is not sufficient…you, as the analyst/writer, have to compile your information into an issue or problem focus (e.g., why is this topic an issue, what is the impact, etc.)


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