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Topic: International Marketing Strategy


This current assignment requires researching the Global operations of Apple Inc and developing an International Marketing Strategy. The requirements are listed below.

1) Country of origin
2) Activities of the company
3) A brief historic of its share price
4) Legal structures

5) Management structures
(. how are its world-wide operations managed? Consider headquarters and national management and the interaction.)

6) Brand and branding: company vs. product
(. what is the firm’s central promotional and branding policy (and content) and how is it adopted to local conditions and culture. -the impact of national culture)

7) Marketing mix as it may or not be applied in various countries
(how has Apple Inc expanded, entered countries and structured their operations?)

8) Taxes paid as a proportion of profit

9) Any issues on taxation
(. what does it do to be a responsible (or irresponsible) tax payer? Does it use tax havens?)

10) Favourable and unfavourable press or other media.

After the research and descriptive part of your paper, draw conclusions on what you have learnt for yourself from this module and this assessment.

You should aim to integrate the findings of several authors when applying academic concepts and bring forward other peer reviewed sources. This is important.

Please also develop a critical analysis. -provide evidence in support of your arguments ;
-identify key positive and negative aspects you can comment upon;
-assess their relevance to the debate that you are engaging in; and identify how they align with your argument.

At least 30 sources are required. Please include as many Peer reviewed sources as possible, as well as this textbook: Boundless Marketing (https://courses.lumenlearning.com/boundless-marketing/)

I have included a previous paper I have written with regards to Apple Inc and the feedback given. The paper I was researching was on how Apple Inch entered and operates in Singapore. This may help you.


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