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Topic: Internet gambling. Should it be legal?


The first section of your paper will be the arguments for all sides of the issue, put into your own words. Start by giving me an overview of the topic, then I want you to give me a detailed explanation of the arguments for each side of the issue. Use the good sources you found and put what they said into your own words. Be careful: If I can predict what your view is on the topic while I’m reading this section, you will be counted off. This section is for you to explain to me what OTHER PEOPLE say/think about the issue, not what you think about the issue.
The second section is where your personal opinion should be found. In this section, I want you to lay out your views of the topic for me in a logical, consistent, and detailed manner, using the ethical systems we discussed in the first two weeks. Tell me which side of the debate you agree with, and why. You are allowed to choose neither side or some middle ground, as long as you can justify it. Explain to me why you like or dislike each side, but don’t use vague language. Saying “It’s not right” or “It’s the way I was raised” is a cop out. USE WHAT YOU LEARNED IN WEEK ONE AND TWO. Talk about whether there was consequentialism, or Kantian ethics, or Utilitarianism.


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