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Topic: Internment camps in the U.S. during WWII


Format: Pick one of the topics from the list provided to you, or you can choose your own topic, as long as you get it approved with me first. Your paper should begin with a cover page, that includes the topic of your paper, along with the date and your name. The body of the paper should be a minimum of 4 to 5 pages. Your paper should be typed, using New times 12 Roman Font, with one inch margins at the top and. Bottom of your pages, as well as double spaced. You need to use at least 3 sources but your textbook and my power points may count as one of your sources. You may use any of the major styles of documentation, footnotes, endnotes or parenthetical quotations, just make sure that you are consistent with your documentation. You have to turn in your works cited page and show your citations in the body of the paper. Citation – Quotes: Example of Paranthetical quotations (authors last name, pg no., year of publication) or ( website address )Youmust use a couple of quotes to receive an “A” paper, this shows me your capable of blending your thoughts with the authors thoughts. Works Cited: Example: author’s last name, first name. Title of Bookname of publisher, year of publication Websites: Example: www.history.comBody: You should state your topic in the opening paragraph and then explain what you will cover and what order you will cover it. ( Thesis ). Do not assume that the reader knows what you are talking about. You need to inform the reader how you will prove your thesis.You may use a summative, compare and contrast, argumentative or an informative style for this paper. Please explain yourself when writing the paper and use the relative dates for the time period that you are discussing in your history paper. Finally, include a conclusion that ties your work together and gives me some insight into what you might have gained from your research topic-feel free to agree or disagree with your sources conclusions.


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