Topic Intersectionality


Final Essay 70% (2000-2500 words)
Write a letter in the form of an essay addressed to your country’s head of state or to a key policy maker. The individual essay should be on a topic related to social policy and intersectionality. Select a topic that is relevant to any of the social policy domains discussed in class (e.g. health care, housing, education, social welfare etc). Examine this topic from an intersectional perspective discussing how power and inequality play out for your selected social group. Identify AT LEAST 20 scholarly articles/books or other QUALITAVE ACADEMIC SOURCES to be referenced.

A basic essay format would include the following components:

  1. Introduction: laying out the problem at hand and its significance. As you write the introduction, think about how this problem is affecting various social groups and why it is important to resolve this issue. What consequence does it have for social policy if left unresolved? Your letter/essay is a call for the powers that be to pay attention to what you have to say.
  2. Literature review: This should include a history of the problem from an intersectional perspective. What is the cultural, political, and social context of the problem? Identify research that has already been done along with research gaps. Identify the pros and cons of policies that have already been implemented. Have previous policy measures taken into account various marginalised groups in society that might be affected?
  3. Propose your solution. Explain in detail how your solution will work. Who will be the actors involved from the state? Will NGOs be involved? Community groups? Churches? Local authorities? Others? How will checks and balances take place (accountability, monitoring and evaluation, transparency, who will report to whom)? Where will the funding come from for your proposed solution? How will it affect stakeholders? What are the short, medium and long-term foreseeable benefits to your solution? What are foreseeable limitations? (Perhaps your solution has worked in other countries that have cultural/historical similarities to your country of choice?
  4. Conclusion and call for action. The conclusion needs to be strong to motivate policy makers to rise to action. We will discuss how to write a strong conclusion in class.
  5. The letter/essay can be based a country of your choosing!!!!
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