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Topic: Introduction, Problem Statement, and Significance


Hello again! I have attached everything below from the previous work.

For this assignment you will be working on for this submission are the introduction, problem statement, and significance. These sections actually go after your abstract and before your Literature Review.
Introduction of the Topic/Research Problem/Significance of the Problem
This assignment is 3-4 pages in length and must be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, using Times New Roman 12 font. The assignment will consist of three headers that encompass the Introduction of the Directed Project. The Introduction consists of the topic, research problem and significance.
Header 1: Introduction of the Topic (1-2 pages)
The form of the introduction will vary with the nature of the proposed project. It is important to remember that this is the sole chance to establish a frame of reference in the reader’s mind. Appropriate introductions are brief and designed to establish the context and need for a study. There is no “right way” to write an introduction. There are, however, several possible ways to craft an introduction that will accomplish its intended goal. One common method is to identify the problem in specific terms. This approach creates an overall frame of reference that makes it much easier for the reader to focus on the more detailed portions of the research. The Introduction and Topic should be supported by some citations or quotations from experts in the field and set the stage for the research problem and significance.
Header 2: Research Problem (1 or 2 paragraphs)
If there is no “problem” then there is no need to conduct research. It is important to provide the reader with a succinct issue or problem germane to the topic you have identified in the section titled Introduction and Topic. There is no section of a proposal that gives beginning proposal writers more challenges than the “Statement of the Problem” section. Too often early drafts present either a restatement of the introduction, a detailed description of the methods to be used, or a suggested solution. None of these are appropriate statements of the problem. A problem is something that is wrong. Therefore, the statement of the problem is merely a brief description of what is wrong, written in specific enough terms that the reader can see the problem. One test of the quality of a problem statement is always, “Could the problem be recognized if the statement were being read for the first time?” It is important to provide support for the fact that this issue is a problem by using citations and/or quotations from experts in the field.
Header 3: Significance of the Problem (1-2 pages)
Once the problem has been stated, the significance of the problem must be established. The significance section should be drafted in a manner that removes any question of the importance of the proposed study. Generally, this section should “sell” the project as being worthy of doing in the business/industry and/or academic/disciplinary context. One of the effective methods of strengthening this section is to highlight key citations and/or quotations from expert sources that indicate that the problem is real and that things may be better if it were investigated.


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