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Topic: Investment adviser report


You are an investment adviser and you are asked to report to the board of directors of RightWing plc. You have been provided with the most recent annual reports for two different companies.

Next plc; and
H&M plc

a) Make use of vertical and horizontal analysis to analyze the performance of each company (500 – 600 words)

b) Use a range of financial ratios to critically evaluate each company’s 500 – 600 words (calculations and formulae used in the appendix are not included in the word count)

1. Profitability
2. Liquidity position
3. Efficiency
4. Gearing
5. Investment (Whether it is attractive to shareholders)
(Include all calculations, workings and formulae used in an appendix to your report)

c) 500 words
(1) Critically evaluate the effect of accounting practices and use of accounting principles, when producing financial information, of both companies on their financial performance and reputation.
(2) Make recommendations to the board of directors of RightWing plc on which company would be the most sustainable option to invest in. Make your reference to your analysis above and any wider news and literature


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