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Topic: Investment Apple accounting assignment Compulsory use FAME for data.


Compounsary use FAME for data.
Imagine that you have money to invest in Apple public limited company (plc) and collect the three most recent sets of annual reports from the FAME database.
Write a report analysing that company over the past three years, stating whether you think it would be a good investment for you personally.
The report should include:
1. A comparison of the Income Statements and Statements of Financial Position.
2. Ratio analysis – select ratios that would be relevant to you personally as an investor.
3. A discussion of the limitations of ratio analysis in this task.
4. Recent information from independent sources (e.g. the financial press) that inform your decision.
Include a copy of the most recent Income Statement and Statement of Financial Position in the appendix. They are not part of the word count.

• Select your company from the FAME database. This will give you the financial statements and ratios Pages printed from FAME should be included in the appendix and are not part of the word count.
• This essay is about your personal investment so your essay should state what you are
looking for e.g. income, capital growth, ethical concerns etc.
• Make sure you cover all four points above. No more than 30% of your report should be on point 2, so select your ratios carefully. Four should be sufficient.
• You will be penalised if you do not select the latest set of reports from FAME.


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