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Topic: IoT (WSN) in smart farms


some references are attached.
Task: Students write a professional report documenting their academic research projects. The report will include introduction, literature review, findings, discussions, conclusions and recommendations. The report should be formatted as suitable to submit to an academic journal, including 20 references as per Harvard style.
Length: Length of the final report should have a body of at least 7000 words.
Grades :
Content 35%
Knowledge 35%
Communication 30%
Report Components
• An introductory section about the background of the engineering problem addressed
• A literature review section addressing the state-of-the-art of research relating to the research question and establishing the relevance and significance of the project
• A methodology section defining the research design and the methods of data collection and processing
• An analysis section presenting the result of data processing leading to the major findings of research
• A discussion section justifying validity of research findings (this is only one function of a discussion section, not the only function )
• A concluding section which outlines how the project results have addressed the research question and provides recommendations for future research and/or professional practice.
Knowledge (35%)
• Appropriate research methodology
• Robustness of research design
• Systems thinking
• Validity and value of research findings within domain
Content (35%)
• Literature review
• Data collection
• Data analysis
• Synthesis of data into relevant results/findings
Written communication features (30%)
• Clear definition and focus of the research question
• Clear analysis and synthesis
• Critical perspective on research
• Clear justification of research methodologies
• Convincing arguments for the significance of the research
• Appropriate academic language
• Well structured (presentation and organisation) and correct referencing as per Harvard style
• Length of the final report should have a body of at least 7000 words


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