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Topic: Is processed food associated with obesity and its health-related risk? Exploratory/Annotated Bibliography Essay


Exploratory / Annotated Bibliography Essay
My Question for the essay – Is processed food associated with obesity and its health-related risk?

7th source

Adam, Maya. “Processed Food Documentary – Processed Food vs Nutritional Needs.” Proper Gander, Proper Gander, 6 Nov. 2016, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guxledYcXcE

Begin outline of essay
Consider: Develop an Exploratory Essay where you argue a topic based on research questions and solution questions to a Cause and Effect essay about a specific type of technology (based on the technology topics in class). You will answer these in your exploration: The Research Question you wish to answer, the causes of the issues/the effects of the issue as well as the other side’s argument supporting the positive effects of the issue. In the essay you must have 7 sources to support your research.
https://www.ftsd.org/cms/lib6/MT01001165/Centricity/Domain/122/Exploratory%20Essay%20text.pdf pay attention only from page 169-173. This is an example of what your Exploratory should look like and it should address some cause and effect of some kind of technology as addressed in all of your other essays.
All sources on the Work Cited page must be properly formatted and aligned.


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