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Topic: Issues in Azerbaijan proposal

Research any major current issue in Azerbaijan.

• Heading: Please include the following heading at the top of the first page of your proposal:
o Your Name
o Date
o Name of assigned country
• Length— Keep your proposal to less than 3 full pages. I expect your proposal to be 1.5 pages at the least.
• Formatting—double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font, numbered pages.
• Citations—When citing sources, be sure to use a formal citation style throughout the paper (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). Please see me if you have any questions about citing materials. A works cited list or bibliography will not be included in the total page count of the proposal.


When writing this proposal, be as specific as possible, but know that you will not be penalized if your project changes (somewhat) as you work. If your project changes significantly, speak with me immediately.

At the time of your project consultation (late November), you will brief me on any shifts in the direction of your project and present me with an outline of the final project topic and format.


The following factors will guide the evaluation of your proposal:
• A clearly defined project topic along with adequate discussion of how it connects to world politics
• Persuasive reasoning provided as to why this particular topic is worthy of investigation
• Thorough and thoughtful responses to the questions/directions listed above
• Proper formatting of proposal (headings used, appropriate length, etc.)
• Quality of writing—clear & concise.

Gallery logistics to remember:

• You will have a 4-6 ft. table assigned to you for your display. Positions in the room will be assigned by the instructor.

• If you have any technology requirements for your display (electrical outlets, wall space, etc.) that have changed since your consultation with me, please see me immediately.

• Each presentation should be at least 5-7 minutes in length. Be prepare to take questions or if no one offers, have additional comments to pull in your peer’s topics and countries for comparison. You are required to attend the gallery during our class time. Please have your display set up BY THE TIME SECTION BEGINS. Our gallery (and my evaluation of your displays) will begin promptly.

• Every student should submit an electronic version of their presentation materials to Moodle.
• Every student should also record their oral presentation to submit to Moodle.


This memo must include the following two sections:

1. Research report: 4-6 pages
• This portion of your memo should be written as a formal report on what you found in researching your topic. Offer enough discussion of your topic that covers the principal features of the issue or problem.
o Identify a key concept from class and how it plays out in the context of your issue
o Reference geographic, historical, institutional (political), social and economic features
• Memo demonstrates an understanding of relevant lessons and principles presented in class discussions and readings.
• This research report should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.
• Be sure to cite relevant sources using a formal, consistent citation style (MLA, Chicago, APA, etc.)


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