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Topic: Japan Cultural Environment Analysis


instructions are provided in additional materials
i will provide Hall’s framework and Trompenaars’ framework at the bottom but i will also attach both framework definition slides at additional materials ( please look carefully through the slides for definition)

Hall’s High and Low Context
the relevant environment
beyond explicit communication
High Context Cultures (HC)
Implicit and indirect communication; Context is critical
Polychronic (simultaneous activities; multi-tasking)
Asia, Latin America, Middle East
Low Context Cultures (LC)
Explicit communication, direct and to-the-point
Monochronic – linear, tangible, tied to “Time is money,” uses schedules
North America

Trompenaars’ Seven Dimensions
Universalism vs. Particularism / rules vs. relationships
Universalist – rules apply to everyone
Particularist – context determines which rules apply to whom
Individualism vs. Communitarianism
Communitarianism – the group benefits from actions
Neutral vs. Affective / unemotional vs. emotional
Display of emotion
Specific vs. Diffuse
Private life: small in specific vs. large in diffuse—undifferentiated from public life
Achievement vs. Ascription
Status based on what a person does vs. who a person is
Attitudes towards Time – 2 aspects
Focus on past, present or future
Actions sequential (linear) or synchronous (polychronic)
Attitudes toward Environment
In harmony with nature or in control of nature?


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