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Topic: Job costing system versus process costing system


Course work for an Accounting Class…MUST USE Accounting Principles.

– Utilize the chapters on Job Costing (Chapter 4) and Process Costing (Chapter 6) from the text book Cost Management A Strategic Emphasis Eighth Edition (IBSN 978-1-259-91702-8)

– Determine when companies are likely to use a job costing system or process costing system?
– Describe the specific characteristics of each system (job costing system and process costing system)
– Provide at least 2 examples from companies in your community for each system (at least 4 companies should be described).

Synthesize textbook material and demonstrate critical thinking, graduate-level writing skills, and mature reflection. Cite the textbooks and scholarly articles from professional accounting and business journals.

Use at least 3 journal articles and 2 textbooks. One textbook can be Cost Management A Strategic Emphasis Eighth Edition (IBSN 978-1-259-91702-8).

Adhere to current APA format.


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