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Topic: john carradine playing hatfield in STAGECOACH, HE was a good character because he was mysterious yet rational in his approach in life fill in the personality


n the first page provide a brief biographical sketch (250 word) of john carradine: What was his real Name? Where was he born? When did he come to America, and when and where did he die? Discuss the rise and and the Motion Picture Patents Company and Outline his contribution to early film history. 2nd On the second page watch the review (250 words) at least one of his films posted on Youtube. Briefly discuss what the film is about, and then discuss your reaction to it. (make any reaction up that is logical) Post David Bond and # of words on the top left of the first page. Double- Space and use 12 point size. Use Calibri type Face. Citation place them at the end of your paper.


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