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Topic: Karl Marx

SELECT 2 QUOTES FROM KARL MARX AND WRITE 2 COMMENTS PROMPTED BY THESE QUOTES Text: Use the guidelines below to structure your review of Karl Marx theory. Length: Your review should be no less than 400 words and no more than 500 words. For example, this document has 490 words.

The length equates to 7-8 paragraphs in 3 sections (1. Set the Stage – 2 paragraphs; 2. Deliver a theory review -3 or 4 paragraphs; 3. Wrap Up the Takeaway – 2 paragraphs) House Style: the aim of this course is to increase your engagement with the great food for thought and spread these ideas among your friends.

Your review should be written with their audience in mind using simple and clear sentences. Use only your words and Karl Marx quotations, NO SECONDARY TEXTS AND AUTHORS. Use at least 2 quotations to support your argument.


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