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Topic: Leadership paper ELON MUSK

Assignment Two – Individual Assignment – Academic Essay (70%)
The individual assignment is an academic essay based on a leader of your choice– your leader must be from one of the visitor economy sectors. The word limit for this assignment is 2500 words.

The chosen leader will be on ELON MUSK

Assignment Two –Title: A critical essay based on a leadership case study
Your essay should include the following components.

1) Using your chosen leader as a case study, write an essay that discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership approaches shown by your chosen leader.
a. This should discuss a range of their leadership styles and how your leader has dealt with issues at the workplace, especially in adverse situations
b. And how they could have handled this better

2) You are expected to discuss the different competencies and skills that are required for leaders in a modern customer orientated workforce, giving examples

3) Using a personality or leadership style questionnaire (as a self-reflection tool), outline how your own personal leadership style could be of use in difficult organisational situations (or has been previously in organisational situations you have been in). You should draw this from a relevant customer-oriented industry.

As for part 3, some of the leadership positions which I took were

o Management trainee intern at D’Resort Singapore where I was rotated among various departments such as housekeeping, front-office, revenue, and reservations. Gained an insight throughout the multiple departments and was given the opportunity to supervise as well as manage staff. This has provided me with the confidence level that I need.

o Social Media secretary of The Singapore Society, where I helped with the marketing perspective by engaging with current members as well as new members in order to grow a greater community presence. Widespread usage of social media has also taught me how to properly market my society and hitting targets such as attracting many new members for the socity.

o Le Cordon Bleu student, where I was given the leadership role to lead a kitchen. This has a huge emphasis on responsibility, pressure, co-ordination and teamwork where the correct roles had to be implemented in order for the process to operate smoothly. The characteristic traits that I picked up from culinary school had no doubt, proved to be of beneficial use in whatever roles that I am asked to carry out.

Marking Criteria Assignment Two Weighting
Detailed understanding and demonstration of a broad range of relevant leadership theories and sources are critically analysed and applied to the case study

Identification of which type of leadership approach(es) or style(s) are prevalent – with clear examples and justification

Strengths and weaknesses of leadership approach are clearly outlined

Sound, commercial and clear recommendations are made
Clear understanding of the competencies and skills required of leaders in the visitor economy and related industries.

Appropriate and current examples are given 20%
Self-reflection of how your own leadership approach and style is prevalent in adverse work-based situations

Examples provided, evaluated and insightful self-reflection and awareness shown
Presentation – Essay format:
Relevance, flow, coherence of arguments
Arguments and ideas presented in a clear, accurate and interesting manner with appropriate and accurate references and a wide range of academic and non-academic sources used

A sound introduction and conclusion are given 10%
Overall Mark 100%

Reading list

Essential Reading

Northouse, P.G. 2016. Leadership: Theory and Practice, 7th Edition. Sage
Publications. 6th(2013), 7th(2016) or 8th(2019 edition are acceptable)

Recommended Reading
Rowe, W.G. and Guerrero, L. 2013. Cases in Leadership, 3rd edition. Sage

Sheppardson, C. and Gibson, H (2011) Leadership and entrepreneurship in
the hospitality industry. Oxford :Goodfellows Publishers

Goldblatt, J.J. (2005) Special Events Event Leadership for a New World. 4th

Ferraro, J. (2014) The Strategic Project Leader Mastering Service-Based
Project Leadership, 2nd ed. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis.

Background Reading

House, R. J., Hanges, P.J., Javidan, M., Dorfman, P. W., and Gupta V. 2004.
Culture, Leadership, and Organizations: The GLOBE Study of 62 Societies.
Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Peters, M. (2012) Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism. Hoboken : Taylor
and Francis

Fisher, William P. (2010) Executive decisions : hospitality case studies in
leadership, ethics, employee relations and external relations, 2nd ed.
Lansing, Mich. : American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute

Riggio, R.E., Murphy, S.E., and Pirozzolo, F.J. 2002. Multiple intelligences
and leadership. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Van der Wagen, L. and Davies, C. (2007). Supervision and leadership in
tourism and hospitality. Andover: Cengage Learning


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