Topic: Leading and Managing Care

Leading and Managing Care

You have a choice from 2 essay titles.
The assignment is no more than 3,000 words

Option 1: Critically discuss how leadership qualities and skills contribute to effective multi-professional team work

Define team work, define multi professional team work
Why is this important?
What makes multi-professional teams work well?
What is leadership?
What are the skills and qualities for leaders to demonstrate to be positive leaders?
Which leadership theories are you critically discussing because each theory incorporates values and actions that a leader has and acts upon

We would recommend that you critically consider 2 leadership theories
(Attach with PowerPoint of different leadership theory)

Reference that can be used:

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Leadership in health care (2012) by Jill Barr; Lesley Dowding

Leadership and Management in Healthcare (2013) by Neil Gopee; Jo Galloway

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