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Topic: Leading & Managing Change

Assignment task
There are TWO TASKS in the assignment. BOTH are to be addressed. The final mark will be presented as an overall weighted average percentage mark. This means that a relatively low mark in one assignment might be compensated by a relatively high mark in another. However, please note that addressing both tasks will be the only way to do relatively well on the module. Students who fail to address one of the two tasks are at serious risk of not passing the module at the first attempt.

Task 1: Case Study, 2000 words (60%)
Identifying a leader of your choice, analyse and evaluate how they are leading the change process and reflect on the lessons business leaders might take from their experience.
You are encouraged to focus on the UK Prime Minister’s (Boris Johnson) leadership of Brexit. There is no formal written case study provided by the tutors. You are encouraged to do your own research. However, some very useful links are provided on Moodle. You can take as
your start point Boris Johnson’s campaign to become the leader of the Conservative Party, the time from when he is elected leader or any time between these events and the start of this module (25/9/19). The end point will be the hand-in date, a month before the hand-in date or any possible time of resignation/his standing-down as Prime Minister.
Task 2: 1000 word reflective essay (40%)

Drawing on the diary record of your participation in seminars, lectures, group work and engagement generally with the module, write a 1,000-word reflective essay that provides a synthesis of what you have learnt about yourself and which gives some insight into your likely personal capacity to act as a change agent (to lead and manage

Assessment criteria
Task 1
Assignment % Weighted %
Key change challenges and opportunities facing the leader are identified and conceptualised within the change leadership/ management literature 30 18
The actions taken be the change leader are identified, analysed and evaluated in relation to literature relevant to change leadership/management including models of change leadership styles. 40 24
Lessons for business leaders are identified taking account of any contextual differences between that of your chosen change leader and that of other business leaders
20 12
Overall structure, presentation, development of an argument and normative academic standards of referencing
10 6

Task 2
Assignment %
Weighted %
Evidence of critical self-reflection and personal learning
80 32


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