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Topic: Leading Service Improvement in Contemporary Practice


Write short reflective pieces on personal/professional development relating to leadership, you need to refer to what you learned about yourself from doing the leadership assessment – and what planned development you need to improve [your action plan]. the second part of your reflection should incorporate the significance of inter-professional roles focusing on how you demonstrate team work – in other words how you interact with the interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary colleagues to facilitate good team working, as this is an important aspect of leadership. Remember, you must include analysis of at least one peer response(s) from the Discussion Forum activity). Put it into context of what they stating in response to your own posting – how did it help you with regards to you analysing your own leadership ability and or development.
A Critical discussion of the applied module concepts and theories of leadership, change management or service improvement. For this section you need to demonstrate application of one of core concepts to discuss and relate it to your practice setting. For example if you have been involved in any changes or service improvement, what was your role in this, if not but you are aware of either of these events occurring in your work place, discuss what leadership style or approach was used, did the planned change or service improvement make a difference and improve on what happened previously. Incorporate relevant concepts, theories and frameworks and or relevant policy.
Choose either a Mini-literature review or Annotated Bibliography
Identify an area of practice that you would like to investigate further, with regards to improving some aspect of clinical practice in your work setting. It does not matter what this is, as long as it relates to your area of practice or specialism.


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