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Topic: Literature paper


please pick ONE of the questions below and use specific examples from the texts to support your answers.one of the ways of classifying literature is to see it as Didactic or Mimetic. Define these two terms, and then choose 3 works from our anthology (they can be works that we read and discussed in class or works from our anthology that you choose) and explain whether the works are didactic or mimetic. If the work is didactic, what is the lesson? If it is mimetic, what effect is the work to have? In your essay, make sure you choose at least one mimetic and one didactic work. The third work can be either, your choice.

2. Poetry many times requires more work and effort to read and comprehend, but there are tools available to help us analyze it. For this essay, choose at least 2 poems from our anthology (works we read or works you choose) and offer an analysis of the poetry. You will definitely explain the meaning(s) of the poem in your essay. Also, it would be good to use some of the tools discussed in class, such as structure, rhythm, and rhyme.

3. A major theme that runs through many literary works is Social Class and/or Economics. Choose at least 2 texts from our anthology (works we read or works you choose) and show how Social Class and/or Economics function.

4. Some stories are harder to interpret the meaning because they are an Allegory. How does allegory function in “Young Goodman Brown”? Be sure to explain how the symbolism supports the allegory. Also in your essay, choose at least one other work that could be considered an allegory. Explain how the text you chose could be an allegory.

5. Explain how Setting is used in at least 3 works that were assigned so far in our semester. How does the author use Setting to convey the meaning of the story or poem? Please provide specific examples from the text to support your ideas.


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