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Topic: Logical Positivism

This essay examines the development of logical positivism and how scientific methodology has become a basis for public administration thought. Please begin by watching the videos below.
1. Examine how twentieth-century logical positivism challenged many of the suppositions posited by earlier philosophers.
2. What aspects of logical positivism can you specifically identify within the field of public administration today?
• https://youtu.be/DMlXmLbGKJY

• https://youtu.be/QQS9fFg0cGY

• https://youtu.be/ip6p6Y7IUrE

• https://youtu.be/4cnRJGs08hE

• Somerville, J., & Santoni, R. (2012). Social and political philosophy: Readings from Plato to Gandhi. Anchor.

350 words total

APA must use at least 3 sources including those provided. Videos count as one total.


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