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Topic: lt is a letter to national board of directors of art gallery

Suggested Length: 3 typed double-spaced pages plus a bibliography Due Date: Assignment is worth 20 % of your grade. You are a purchaser of artworks for the National Gallery of Canada. Choose one of the following works: • Friedrich, Cross in the Mountains c. 1807 • Ingres, The Grande Odalisque 1814 • Constable, The Hay Wain 1821 • Turner, Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway 1844 • Courbet, Dinner at Ornans 1848 • Millet, The Gleaners 1857 • Daumier, Third-Class Carriage c. 1862-64 An opportunity is available to bid on one of these works at a Sotheby’s Auction. They are all worth multi-millions. Write a letter to the Board of Directors of the National Gallery justifying why they should authorize its purchase and convince them why they should spend such a huge sum for a single work. Address the following questions in your letter: Why is this an important work for the Gallery to own? What movement is it a part of? What are its visual characteristics and why are they significant? How will the painting enhance the gallery’s collection and attract viewers? Be passionate and well-informed (your job is on the line). Write in relatively formal language (this is a serious letter and they are your bosses).


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